Hassleback Sweet Potatoes

Side Dishes Vegetables



5 medium sweet potatoes

¼ c. Squizito Garlic Olive Oil

¾ c. goat cheese

½ c. hazelnuts

2 TBSP rosemary

1 TBSP thyme

½ c. Squizito Maple Balsamic

¼ c. green onions, minced

2 TBSP garlic, minced

1 tsp sea salt

1 tsp pepper


1.Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.

2.Combine olive oil, hazelnuts, rosemary, thyme, garlic, salt and pepper in a food processor and blend until nuts are chunky.

3.Slice the potato ¾ of the way through, leaving the underside uncut (each cut ½ a centimeter apart). You can place potato in large kitchen spoon to prevent cutting through.

4.Spread the oil and nut mixture on top of each potato, making sure to get into some of the crevices.

5.In a 9x13 baking dish, bake for 1 hour, or until potato is fork tender.

6.Top with green onions, maple balsamic and goat cheese.

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